Displayed Art

24" x 48" Acrylic print mounted above cabinets in lawyer's office

Two new pieces displayed at Clean Cheeks Spa

Cat Eye - 24" x 48" canvas print
Calgary Borealis - 24" x 60" canvas print

One of my largest prints yet displayed at Print Calgary

Michael Sturgeon's art displayed at Higher Ground Cafe in Kensington Calgary

 First Shaft 

36" x 36" embellished print on canvas. 

One of my most popular pieces from my Mine collection, this shaft represents the beginning of the journey inside the Monarch Mine. Contact for price.


16" x 24" print on canvas

At the end of a 2000ft corridor into Mt Field comes a fork. Right, a dead end with what looks like spoiled grease. Left, ends with a pile of wood with an unclimbable vertical shaft yet to be explored.

Contact for pricing. 

The Cart

16" x 24" embellished print on canvas

On the second level, after climbing a 200ft ladder and 60ft of rope, is a mining cart that moves with the slightest push, as if it's been maintained since it's abandonment almost 70 years ago.

Contact for pricing. 

Georgian Grackle

16" x 24" print on canvas

On a trip driving with a friend from Miami to Fredericton NB in a 1970 VW camper van, we stopped at Tybee Beach in Savannah, Georgia. This was the best photo of the entire trip. 

Contact for pricing.


Single Use

16" x 24" embellished print on canvas

This was one of the syringes filled with 10ml of morphine that I would inject into my mother to ease the pain caused by terminal bone cancer. She had a butterfly needle, kind of like an intervenous drip, that the syringe would attach to. 

Contact for pricing. 

Sparked Nose Creek

24" x 48" print on canvas

One of those shots you drive by every night and say "Ya know, I should..." so I did.

Contact for pricing.


Swan Slobber

16" by 20" embellished print on canvas

While exploring the Lost Lagoon at Stanley Park in Vancouver , I noticed a swan dipping it's head for food. Shutter clicks ensued.

Contact for pricing. 

16" x 24" embellished print on canvas

It's Chico. Nuf said.

Contact for pricing.


Higher Ground Cafe Jan 2013

Choose your Piece

Oolong Tea House Dec 2012


Oolong Tea House Dec 2012

Art displayed at Dori's Frosted Gala feat. Marquese Scott
Nov 24th 2012

The Atrium - 16" x 49" Framed Print on Canvas by Michael Sturgeon

A series of photos and paintings at Cedar Tree Cafe, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Mine: Sturgeon Photography Exhibition June 18-20, 2010

Experience MINE. A collection of Fine Art photography like you’ve never seen– captured from deep within a MINE and set at the beautiful Perspective Gallery. Paired with the launch of Dori’s Diamonds highly anticipated signature ring, the event is not to be missed. MINE combines fine art photography with high fashion design from Calgary’s best.

Doors open at 5pm at Perspective Gallery (118 1111 6th Ave SW) on Friday June 18th and ends at 1am each night until Sunday June 20th. No cover. Just drink, food, fun, art.

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